Sammy’s Story

Date Posted: 4th July 2018

This story is to give you a small insight into what being a tattoo apprentice at Ritual Art involves. I personally really hate the title ‘apprentice’. I think it makes most people think ‘incompetent teenager’. So to begin with I would like to introduce myself. I am Sammy, I am 27 years old, married and have a daughter, a degree, am a talented artist.....and I am a tattoo apprentice! 

Ritual Art receive enquiries from people all the time looking to find a tattoo apprenticeship, and they only pick the best artists! Anyone they hire will already possess all the skills and talent required to be a tattoo artist, we just need to learn to use a tattoo machine instead of a paint brush or pencil!

The apprenticeship lasts for around 2 years from completion of the ‘Apprentice Manual’ This is Lizi’s creation containing a tonne of drawing projects to create custom flash designs and rules about how to design a good tattoo, it’s really not as simple as just copying a drawing onto skin! There are specific ways to do things to create an amazing tattoo, which we needed to learn first! It also includes all the hygiene rules which is why it’s important to be tattooed in a highly respected and well known tattoo shop, not all shops practice good hygiene and they are putting themselves and their clients at risk!

I worked day and night on these projects as until I was tattooing clients I wasn’t earning. 6 weeks later I was exhausted, but ready and eager to do some tattooing! A lot of shops practice first on pig skin or fake skin, but these really aren’t like tattooing a real live clients skin, so Ritual Art apprentices will practice on themselves, friends or anyone willing, before taking on paying clients

It’s such an inspiring environment to work in, surrounded with other artists we can all learn from each other and constantly improve and develop our work! I am 8 months in, and it’s hard work, really all consuming, when Im at home I’m drawing, when I’m at work I’m drawing, no day really feels like a day off....but it’s so worth it to be finally making use of my talent! 


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