After studying at Art College and working at Ritual Art Tattoo, as a tea-monkey for a number of years, I began my apprenticeship with Lizi Sage. After completing my training and experimenting with designs, I have developed my own colourful and vibrant style. I have chosen to specialise in colour outline tattooing, as I love to create whimsical painterly pieces!

Throughout my career I have experienced a change in the way society perceives tattoos resulting in both male and female clients being open to larger more imaginative work.

I love the initial stage of the design process, usually someone comes in with a basic idea, it could just be a colour scheme, or a couple of creative words, sometimes even a little sketch. But from there, together we create a personalised design that fits the individual, with both their body shape and their persona.

All the guys at Ritual Art constantly inspire me to improve myself further, expanding ideas and pushing limits.