I started my tattoo career in 2001, under the supervision of my partner Jim Gambell. I had seen the early work of Michelle Wortman whilst on a holiday to the US. and instantly fell for her softer looking, ultra feminine work, with no heavy black outlining. At that time there was no subtle colour work going on in the Uk, the best artists were doing black and grey and although it was beautiful it wasn’t really my thing. I love colour. I live for colour.  In fashion, food, flowers, interior design, so why not tattoos?

I was young and so was colour outlining.  I had to persevere as no one had seen it in the uk. Everyone seemed to want black work…but slowly and surely the tables turned. With the help of the internet and digital photography boom of the mid 2000s the tattoo industry exploded into a ever changing event that dramatically got better and better. With this, people’s impressions of tattoos changed and it became more of an art form very quickly.

I like to tattoo natural life forms, flowers, insects and birds mainly. I enjoy cellular pattern work and fractal shapes.  I tattoo custom designs of my own making, that I’ve either painted or drawn.  I love tattoos that flow on the body and enhance and beautify the client.  I like to draw for the individual and love it when my tattoos reflect the personality of the wearer.

Jim and I have run Ritual Art Tattoo since 2000.  It’s changed quite a bit over the years, moving into our large open plan shop in 2010. We’ve always had a vision of an eclectic studio, with artists working in their own individual styles and this is how we work. Every piece done within our shop is a unique piece not to be redone.  We feel that is how tattooing should be.