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  • To enquire about a booking with our busy team, we MUST have the following information from you. Placement on your body, where do you want the tattoo? How big are you thinking? Black & Grey or Colour? Is there a coverup involved? Please include reference images that you like and if there’s a coverup, a photo of the existing tattoo. We will need ALL this information to continue with your enquiry.

    What Our Clients Say

    Samantha Watkins

    I’ve been going to Ritual Art for tattoos for a few years now and I can honestly say that it’s the best place around. It’s so clean, professional, friendly and fun and I don’t think I’d go anywhere else now! 


    I found that Ritual Art had exceptional customer service as well as immaculate hygiene.

    Phoenix Hall

    Awesome art work with some of the best artists you’ll ever find! Positive vibes all around, like one big family! 

    Max Shore-Hall

    Awesome atmosphere and brilliant artists. 

    Katie Vincent

    What an amazing experience! Very well looked after and a beautiful tattoo at the end of it. Couldn’t recommend more highly. 

    Ellice Melton

    This place is amazing. From the talent of the artists to the cleanliness of the studio.  Great atmosphere.  Love coming here! 

    Anastasia Mercer

    Got my first tattoo and it’s come out beautifully.  Exactly what I wanted, if not better! Lovely staff and was a very easy process. Highly recommend to anyone who’s looking for their first tattoo. 

    Neil Maudhub

    Ritual Art definitely sets themselves apart from other studios with their focus on artwork and creativity.  My new tattoo is definitely my favourite and I can’t wait to return! 

    Britt Whyatt

    Going into Ritual Art is always an exciting and welcoming experience. Lizi and all of the other artists are clearly so passionate about their work and watching them do what they do best is a pleasure.

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