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Ritual Art Ethos

Jim and Lizi have run Ritual Art since 2000. The industry has changed and developed so much in that time and Ritual Art still remains strong and at the heart of design-led tattooing. Our clients are many times over loyal and we Tattoo many whole families! We pride ourselves on our friendly and welcoming attitude, with fun and cheery atmosphere to enhance the tattoo experience.  We are ego-free, which in this day and age in the tattoo industry is something to be proud of!

We have always been design focussed at Ritual, even back in the days when custom work was rare. Jim has wanted to raise the bar continually and be client-centered. Our approach is to work alongside our clients with their ideas and gathered reference images, to then create something special and unique for them. We are artists and so do not wish to replicate anything that has been tattooed before. Custom work, to us at Ritual is literally that. Custom, one-off, unique...Just like our clients!

Unique Tattoos For Unique People

We have taken on and trained many artists over the years at Ritual Art and have always looked at their artwork closely and picked individuals who resonate with our ethos. They are very talented in their chosen styles and we show them the medium of tattooing, without too much structure so not to hinder their individual artistic focus. This in time has proven the best way to achieve competent tattoo artists with individual styles that blossom through their careers as Tattoo Artists.  Many of our apprentices have gone on to change and further develop the industry and open their own studios continuing our artistic vision.

Our current team of artists are extremely talented and focused on creating the best tattoo designs for their clientele, within their chosen styles.


Creating a permanent, positive change.

Lizi has brought HypnoTattoo to Ritual Art, with its therapeutic focus a tattoo is now an even more meaningful event for clients.  Tattooing has throughout history, marked an event within a persons life, a reminder of initiation, empowerment, a coming of age and belief and Lizi is bringing this full circle with HypnoTattoo. We can choose to let go of things that hold us back and start anew. With a reminder on our skin how we are more empowered and in CONTROL.

Ritual Art Tattoo’s Custom Way Of Working.

28th July 2018
The Custom Tattoo Design Process and Appointment information.    The purpose of this story is to explain our process for designing a

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